About Us

CSHC teaches children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen, hear and speak through the Auditory-Verbal approach. Listening and Spoken Language Specialists assist children to develop spoken language and literacy skills primarily through listening. Parent and caregiver involvement is key in this approach. The goal of Auditory-Verbal Therapy is for children to achieve age-appropriate spoken language skills and attend their neighbourhood daycares, preschools and schools. CSHC is the only Auditory-Verbal Therapy centre in Manitoba, serving families from all over the province, in addition to our neighbouring provinces.

CSHC has a comprehensive, in-house audiology program, which provides a broad spectrum of audiological services to clinic families. Our audiologists, who are certified in cochlear implant management, work closely with Listening and Spoken Language Specialists to ensure each child has the best access to sound technology (hearing aids/cochlear implants) and therapy supports.  Children are followed throughout their school-ages. Support and guidance is provided to meet the needs of each individual family.

CSHC also offers audiological services for the adult cochlear implant program. We operate in partnership with the Surgical Hearing Implant Program (SHIP) at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. Initial appointments, audiological assessments, and all follow-up cochlear implant programming and aural rehabilitation takes place at CSHC.

In addition, CSHC provides services to individuals with or seeking bone anchored implants (BAI).

Mission Statement

Central Speech and Hearing Clinic helps children and adults who are deaf or hard-of-hearing learn how to listen, hear and speak through Auditory-Verbal Therapy and aural rehabilitation services while supporting and promoting their integration into the social, educational, and economic mainstream.

We are committed to excellence through the provision of a range of audiological and aural rehabilitation services and advanced technological supports.