Our Board

Central Speech and Hearing Clinic is supported by a volunteer group of parents of children who have attended the Clinic for Auditory-Verbal Therapy, Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients, Physicians, and community members.

This committed group sets policies that create an environment in which each family and family member or Adult Cochlear Implant Recipient feels supported.  We work with Manitoba Family Services, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, Manitoba Health, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, corporations, families, hearing specialists, government and social agencies, and special interest groups.

The Members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Rob Provencher, Chair
  • Adam Bergen
  • Sandra Mukai
  • Carol Rodgers
  • Debbie Slevin
  • Pam Campbell
  • Michelle Olivson

The Members At Large:

  • Ken Campbell
  • Mark Dufresne
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, LSLS Cert. AVT
  • Ron Giesbrecht
  • Sylvia Kuzyk
  • Dr. Darren Leitao
  • Colin Lount
  • Peter Reimer
  • Ernst Schell
  • George Sigurdson
  • Judy Simser, LSLS Cert. AVT
  • Dr. Murray Smith
  • Jerry Storie

Honorary Members:

  • Thrainn Kristjansson
  • Dr. A. Durieux-Smith
  • Dr. Daniel Ling (August 2004)
  • Hon. Justice John Scurfield (November 2009)