Abby's Story

Abby was diagnosed in 2012 at 7 years of age. Abby was born in 2005. She is the youngest of 5 girls! She was 7 weeks premature. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats which Abby loves dearly! As Abby got older my husband and I thought that Abby couldn’t hear very well. We addressed our issues to the doctors and they reassured us it was due to excess wax in her ears. When we first learned that Abby had a hearing loss she was already in the last weeks of grade 1.

When the letter came home from school that she didn’t pass the hearing test we made an appointment with her family doctor who then sent us to see Dr. Leitao. We were informed that she had sensorineural hearing loss and that it was permanent. She has mild to moderate hearing loss in her left ear and mild hearing loss in her right ear. She now wears hearing aids in both ears.

When seen by Dr. Leitao he referred us to Central Speech. Abby was receiving auditory-verbal therapy bi-weekly and now we are going monthly. We really love the support that we receive from the clinic. They are all very welcoming and we are treated like family. We have had the upmost support and we are so truly grateful! There is a lot to learn and I am happy that we have had Central Speech along this journey with us as we otherwise don’t know where we would be today!