Jonathan & Paige's Story

We first came to the Central Speech and Hearing Clinic when a friend of ours arranged a hearing test for Jonathan at the Victoria Hospital. The clinic did not have a sound booth yet. It was pretty new! We found out then Jonathan had a mild to moderate hearing loss. He was 2 ½ years old at the time of diagnosis.

Paige was the 6 month baby sis and we agreed she should also have a hearing test. She was 14 months before she was fitted with hearing aids. We have been visiting the clinic ever since and love the place and the people! They have never once made us feel like we were calling or visiting unnecessarily. I can appreciate the smiling faces who make our journey smoother. Both of our kids have a progressive loss and have both received cochlear implants. They are doing very well! I had a lady at our house lately and she was commenting on Paige's hair barrettes. I informed her that they were actually cochlear implants. She told me she'd thought they could be hearing aids but thought they couldn't be when she'd heard Paige's clear speech. Wow! What a compliment!

Thanks to all of the wonderful therapists and audiologists at Central Speech and Hearing Clinic!!! Paige is 10 and Jon is 12. They attend a private school run by our church group, help on the farm, get together with friends, wakeboard, snowboard, ski, skate, bike, swim, cook, bake... And we, their parents, are very proud of them!

Andrea W.