Preschool Support

Central Speech and Hearing Clinic provides support to children in daycares, nursery and preschools for children with hearing loss using listening and spoken language. Our Auditory-Verbal Therapists and Audiologists attend intake and individual service plan meetings, and can provide training to staff on issues related to hearing loss and trouble-shooting equipment. In addition, therapists will do observations and make recommendations to staff and one-on-one inclusion workers on strategies and techniques to support a child’s development of listening and spoken language in the preschool environment.

At least once a day, a child’s hearing technology should be checked to ensure it is in good working order and is providing good access to all the sounds of speech.

Visit The Listening Room for hands on materials for kids, infants and toddlers.

Cochlear Ling 6 Sounds daily check: Download
Advanced Bionics - The Ling 6 Sounds: Download