School Age Support

For Parents

Central Speech and Hearing Clinic (CSHC) provides educational support to public and independent schools for children with hearing loss using listening and spoken language. If your child is beginning school, has a new teacher, or is moving on to middle school or high school, we provide teachers and school team members with training/presentations on the particular needs of a child with hearing loss following a listening and spoken language approach.  Or, in the alternative, if a child’s school team would like additional support, the professionals at CSHC can assist.

Our therapists and audiologists attend your child’s intake meeting, which occurs prior to school entry, in addition to IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings.  We work with the school team to ensure appropriate listening and spoken language goals and strategies are included in your child’s IEP that allow access to the curriculum and support their continued listening and spoken language development.

For Educators

The Listening and Spoken Language Specialists work closely with the school team to provide specialized support to students with hearing loss in order to access mainstream education and achieve educational goals.  Together with our audiologists, we offer a range of supports and services that include:

  • School in-services on hearing loss and how we hear, the workings of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems, and tips for checking and troubleshooting hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems
  • School in-services on listening and spoken language development, and strategies and techniques in order to access the curriculum, meet educational goals, and support continued listening and spoken language development
  • Classroom observations and consultation to support developing listening and spoken language
  • Participation in IEP and team meetings
  • Sharing and interpretation of assessment reports

Visit The Listening Room for hands on materials for kids.

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